Songs that Soothe 

Therapeutic Music, Sound Meditation,

Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy

with Andrea Marie Mikolajczak                                                  

Wellness Modalities that I offer:

Music for your wellness business


Purchase one time and use these songs -proven to enhance relaxation, trance and sleep - for your hypnosis, guided meditation, mindfulness and prayer recordings and videos! You can also use this music in your live and virtual classes, workshops, seminars and events. 

Life Coaching

A personalized coaching session with a blend of Wellness Modalities to bring Balance of Mind-Body-Spirit

My empathetic, intuitive and compassionate coaching style will help you to Relax, Release, Receive, Rewrite and Recreate Your Story and Future Goals. Once you allow yourself to relax and reduce stress, you will be able to discover your true self, your creative self, your inner spirit. Let Go of unwanted thoughts and habits and begin to see life from a new and empowering perspective!  

Discover your talents and creativity and begin to align yourself with your passions and the path that brings you closer to God.  

My Individualized Soothe Coaching Sessions are often used in combination with hypnosis, guided imagery, creative visualization, sound meditation, therapeutic art, self-care journaling, mindfulness & breathing technics! These sessions help empower individuals to accomplish wellness, mental clarity, activate creativity, achieve career and education goals, change and create new daily habits and gain a sense of strength and coping skills with challenges. 

This Holistic process is not traditional counseling or therapy.  I work with determined individuals who are seeking coaching  to create balance of